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Haidaman Engineering Works has solutions for utility providers, commercial, industrial and residential energy users. Our service include, solar and storage, solar pumps, combined heat and power, smart metering,   Ev charging station network, Epcm,operations and Maintenance.

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Our Clients’ vision is Our Mission

Each project is tailored to the vision of the clients, whith Our team providing a core selection of engineering design services to help achieve that vision

Our Service 

solar and storage

solar PV panels working with lithium ion battery storage provides for both daytime and nightime operation for commercial and industrial clients. This solution is suitable for companies running heavy machinery.

Solar pumps

Haidaman’s solar pumping solution provides a cost effective way for water utilities to provide clean water and sanitation to its customers. in addition, solar based ultrafiltration and desalination solutions are provided by Haidaman.

Combined heat and power & cold chain 

Combined heat and power (CHP) involves generating both heat and electrical power simultaneously from the same energy source. Haidaman co provides the kyoto solution for this propose. which uses a system of mirrors (heliostats).This is Suitable for companies factories requiring heat such as mines.

Operation and maintenance

Following deployment of the EPCM project for an Energy or water utility requirement, Haidaman is able to provide operations and maintenance for the deployed renewable energy plant, including metering and billing, The plant is monitored to ensure optimum performance. 

Haidaman Engineering works

Haidaman Engineering Company was established and incorporated in 2016 in the republic of Kenya. The company is fully an engineering and consulting based company offering advisory, consulting and engineering projects based services in the East and Horn of Africa region.

The company is well structured with board of directors, management and technical teams. The management team are responsible on the managerial operations mainly finance, marketing, human resource, project management, procurement and asset management of the company while the technical team is responsible on consulting and engineering works services. Both teams work interchangeably in offering consulting and project management services through an integrated team lead project implementation strategy design.

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